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Our Eclectic Décor and uncompromising luxury create a warm and cozy environment for six seniors who come together and bond with each other like a family. The home environment offers a comfort level in which the staff gets to know our residents on a one-on-one basis. Residents develop a trust level when they deal with the same staff most of the time.

  • Residential Assisted Living: With the Home concept our residents get the feel that they are living at home, not in an institution.
  • Smaller is Better: When one starts to need care, smaller the facility, better the care level.
  • Bridging the Gap: The Home Concept of Assisted Living comes after Traditional Assisted Living and before a Nursing Home. We are able to provide a higher level of care than the Larger Assisted Living Facilities and hence can help seniors avoid a Nursing Home.
  • Age-in-Place: 6-Bed facilities ensure continued residency which includes Hospice care.
  • Memory Care Solutions: Smaller environments offer less confusion and better solutions for seniors suffering from Dementia and Alzheimer’s.
  • Fall-Prevention: One of the biggest threats to living independently in old age, is falling. Statistics show that smaller facilities have a higher rate of preventing falls in comparison to larger facilities.

Family Voices:

Sunshine Assisted Living

  1. “You are and was my mom’s angel. I don’t know if it is possible to thank you enough. I am a very lucky person to find you for my mom at the end.
  2. “Dear friends and family,
    First, please forgive me for not writing a personal note to each and every one of you but mom had a full life and that means many, many friends. Like you all.
    We will all miss her and the Circle of life continues as her latest great grandson was born last month.
    Thank you for you love and friendship over the years and keep her in your prayers.”
  3. “I wish to express my deepest thanks for the help that you gave to me and my family during our recent difficulties.
    My husband was admitted to your program during the time he spent at xxxxxxxxxx and subsequently at Sunshine Assisted Living in Coral Springs.
    The level of physical and medical assistance given was above and beyond any care he had received. When he was being minimal assisted at xxxxxxxxxx, your ‘Aides’ and the staff gave him every extra help that he needed. Then when he was transferred to xxxxxxxxxx to be surgically repaired for the injury he sustained at xxxxxxxxxx. Someone recommended Sunshine Assisted Living.
    I followed her suggestion and now I bless her and your staff for the most able and compassionate care he had, since he left alone. I must also mention that he was treated ‘like a king’ at Sunshine Assisted Living. The staff at that facility was unbelievable. He was ‘pampered’, which he needed and deserved. Whenever I or my daughter visited, we were received with courtesy and respect. The atmosphere of this ‘home’ was absolutely that of Love and laughter. Mrs. Preet Sahi is charming and has a beautiful manner and warmth for her ‘guests’. The food and the cleanliness of the house is remarkable.
    I cannot stop raving about your organization. I hope that as soon as it is possible, I will be able to send a donation to further your work.”
  4. “We admitted my father in July 1998 where he resided until his death on Jan 3, 1999.
    The care at Sunshine was extraordinary. The administrator, and her staff attended to my fathers every need in a loving and caring way. Apart from a beautiful and clean environment, the personal attention encompassed both physical and emotional care enabling my father to have maximum comfort.
    From our families perspective, Preet Sahi and her staff enabled us to focus on our fathers emotional well-being by effectively and efficiently dealing with all day to day medical and personal matters. They were truly ‘family’.
    Once again, thank you for your recommendation, which has proven to be an individual experience.”
  5. “Happy Holidays to you and all your loved ones. May your futures be filled with all the good health and happiness that you both truly deserve.
    Thank you so much for taking good care of my mom. You both display such warmth, compassion, patience, caring and numerous other positive traits that are too countless to mention. Mom is so lucky to be under your care. Our family is blessed to have you in our life.”
  6. “We made a wonderful choice when we chose Sunshine Assisted Living for our loved ones.
    When searching for a facility we were very impressed by your kind and caring staff the cleanliness of your facility.
    We want you to know how we appreciate your staff and the loving care he received.
    Thank you for keeping us informed throughout the final day of his life.”
  7. “Just a brief note to offer my appreciation for the services you provided to my mother during her stay at your facility. The care and attention that you and your stuff offered were excellent. My mother especially appreciated the way they took care of her.
    Your facility was always very clean and neat. The meals were prepared fresh and very good. You are a true professional, always willing to go the extra to help your residents and their families. I sincerely thank you for all the things you did for us. Your attention to detail and the way you followed up with either doctors or pharmacies was most impressive. I wish you and your staff much health, peace and happiness.”

Spring Manor Assisted Living

  1. “My mother was a resident at this facility. They have the most wonderful staff/caregivers. They went the extra mile with my mother. Everytime my family and I came to this facility, it was always clean and spotless, never smelled, except for the wonderful aroma of the food they were preparing for the residents. The caregivers were exceptional in every way and I believe they truly enjoyed taking care of may mother. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone looking to place a loved one. What a blessing we found. This facility gave us more time with my mother and I am forever grateful.”
  2. “It is with great pleasure that I write to you to express my gratitude and thanks for all that you and your staff have done in the most humane, gentle and dignified way, to maintain my mother during her stay with Spring Manor.
    Starting with the physical surroundings which were always immaculately kept, linen always clean, floor sparkling, rooms neat and tidy, to the caring and understanding staff who spent incredible time with mom in feeding and caring for her needs (not an easy task) to yourself and who were always there when I needed you and who always found me when I was needed.
    If there were more facilities like Spring Manor, and more caring people like those at Spring Manor, then the final years of more people would be graced by dignity, caring and beautiful people around them.
    I am grateful to you and your staff for the personal attention given to my mother during her stay at Spring Manor.”
  3. “In my previous letter I expressed the thanks of myself and family for the excellent care you provided at Spring Manor.
    Thank you again for all your efforts.”
  4. “I want to personally thank you for the wonderful care you provided to my aunt.
    She was unhappy that she had to leave her home to be in a facility, but understood it was necessary. While with you, she had nothing but good things to say about her care, the staff and the food. Everyone who visited her or talked with her on phone reported the same thing.
    There was surprise that she was eating more in Spring Manor than she did at home. Your staff clearly gave personal, caring attention. It was evident from her smiles that she was comfortable and felt secure and loved. My aunt was a lady, but one who would speak up clearly if not pleased. You all obviously pleased her well.
    There was surprise that she was eating more in Spring Manor than she did at home. Your staff clearly gave personal, caring attention. It was evident from her smiles that she was comfortable and felt secure and loved. My aunt was a lady, but one who would speak up clearly if not pleased. You all obviously pleased her well.
    In closing I want to thank you specifically for your personal call at 3:56AM to inform me of her passing. You beat the hospice call by several minutes. It was very special that you did that. I wish I could talk to everyone in that area who is searching for a caring home for a loved one. I would tell them that you are simply the best choice they could make.”

Assisted Living of Broward

  1. “We have lost someone very special. Thank you for sharing our grief. Thank you for everything!! You and your staff were great.”
  2. “Our family deeply appreciates and gratefully acknowledges your kind expression of sympathy. Thank you for your thoughtful card & kind words, but most of all thank you for the manner in which my mother was cared for. All the very best to both of you.”
  3. “Just a note to say thank you for all your assistance with the quick transfer of our resident. It was difficult on both ends. You were truly patient with the process and I appreciate your understanding.
    Our staff will certainly miss him. He is a pleasant gentleman and I am sure he’ll do well in your facility.
    Thanks for what you did to help me.”
  4. “Wednesday- I stopped to visit him. I usually visit earlier. I thought I was at a gourmet restaurant. The presentation of the food was excellent along with the colors of the food on that particular plate. Everyone was in a festive mood. They gave the cook a round of applause and she deserved it. He is very happy here. He likes his private room. The patients, the crew, a great difference from the state LA Nursing homes. Much Thanks.”