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Tours: are scheduled on a daily basis and evening appointments are also available.

Security Deposit: Once the facility is selected, putting down the security deposit reserves the room; at which point, we stop marketing the available room. The Security Deposit is one month rent and is refundable but limited to a 30-day-notice and is held for as long as the bed is occupied. Room Restoration fees are deducted as applicable. Admission papers can be obtained once the room is reserved.

Evaluation: After the room is reserved, a representative from the facility evaluates the prospective resident at their current location and creates a care plan after doing a thorough chart review. Date of Admission is usually within 10 days after the security deposit is put down.

Waiting Lists: List yourself on our Waiting list to ensure availability. Once an opening is anticipated, we notify everyone on the list and rooms are secured on a first come first serve basis.

Admission Papers: Our Contracts are on a month-to-month basis and specify the rental terms and the refund & bed-hold policies along with other specifications.

Admission Charges: We offer all-inclusive rates which are inclusive of utilities, Incontinence Supplies, Nutritional supplements and the level of care. Salon charges are billed separately.

Finances required upon admission:

  • Security Deposit: One month rent.
  • First month rent.
  • One-time Administrative fee.

Financial Solutions: Medicare and HMO insurances do not pay for Assisted Living room and board. They cover the doctor visits, medical tests, prescriptions etc. but the Assisted Living monthly rent is considered a “Cost of Living” which comes along with medical assistance. All our locations are Private- Pay facilities and we do not have any OSS beds.

The following entities help towards Assisted Living monthly costs:

  • We accept the Long Term Care Statewide Medicaid program and are contracted with all the Managed Care Programs in Broward County.
  • The Veterans Administration helps Veterans and their spouses to supplement towards the Assisted Living monthly rent.
  • We work with most Long Term Insurance plans.